Teaching & Mentoring
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  • MA Thesis: Political Polarization influenced by Social Media (Angelina Mooseder, Computer Science)
  • BA Thesis: Polarity of Social Media Interactions on Twitter: Analysis of the #ProudBoys (Kilian Stinglhammer, Political Science)
  • BA Thesis: Evolution of Polarization in Closed Social Media Groups (Armin Stanitzok, Computer Science)
  • BA Thesis: Analysis of different user groups within a Twitter firestorm (Florian Seif, Political Science)
  • BA Thesis: Impact of the Network Structure on the Evolution of the Opinion Pool in Big Online Social Networks (Sebastian Erasmus, Computer Science)
  • BA Thesis: Role of German Media in Communication on Twitter – An Analysis of Political Journalists’ Twitter Interaction Networks (Rebecca Leipsic, Political Science)
  • BA Thesis: German speaking Hate Speech on Twitter (Marlena Naimarevic, Political Science)
  • Interdisciplinary Project (TUM Department of Computer Science): QualiAnon – The Qualiservice tool for anonymizing text data (Moritz Issig)
  • Interdisciplinary Project (TUM Department of Computer Science): Development of Real-Time Evaluation Platform for Social Media Data (Melissa Breitinger)
  • Guided Research (TUM Department of Computer Science): Developing Metrics for Assessing, Investigating and Quantifying Polarisation in Online Social Networks (Andrew Ellul)