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Strathern, Wienke & Matter, Daniel & Pfeffer, Jürgen: “Measuring Dimensions of Gendered Hate in Social Media Networks”, Sunbelt 2022, International Network for Social Network Analysis, 12-16 July, Cairns, Australia.

Strathern, Wienke & Mooseder, Angelina & Pfeffer, Jürgen: The Polarizing Impact of Continuous Presence on Users’ Behavior”, MEDIATE Workshop, International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2022), 5-9 July, Atlanta, USA.

Strathern, Wienke & Riedl, Konstantin & Fornasier, Massimo & Pfeffer, Jürgen: “Exploring linguistic patterns of negative opinion dynamics in social media networks”, virtual Responsible AI Forum 2021.

Strathern, Wienke & Brauweiler, Michael & Pfeffer, Jürgen: “Examining the role of conspiracy videos related to COVID19 in YouTube’s video recommendation network”, virtual Networks 2021, A joint Sunbelt and NetSci Conference. >> Presentation

Strathern, Wienke & Ghawi, Raji & Lamba, Hemank and Pfeffer, Jürgen: “Polarization on Reddit? Understanding dynamics of user interactions in social media networks”, virtual Sunbelt 2020, International Network for Social Network Analysis. >> Presentation


Session Networks of Polarization: Sunbelt 2022, International Network for Social Network Analysis, 12-16 July, Cairns, Australia.


Interview with Exfluenced TUM Junge Akademie on Firestorms, negative Dynamics and OnlineOffline Spillovers. >> Interview

Interview in ZDF documentary regarding the power and spread of conspiracies stories >> ZDF Info and ZDF Zoom

Lecture Notes

Computational Social Science / Computer Science Seminar: Introduction to Polarization: “The dark side of the Web: Polarization and Radicalization”. >> Video

Invited Talks

Strathern, Wienke & Jürgen Pfeffer: “Corona on YouTube: Three Clicks to Conspiracy Myth”, Special Research Seminar on COVID-19 2021, Bavarian School of Public Policy, Technical University of Munich. >> Presentation in german (from 1:16-1.26).