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Hi, my name is Wienke. Never heard before? Wienke Strathern. Neither? Let’s listen how to pronounce it.

I am a PhD Candidate in Computational Social Science & Big Data at the Technical University of Munich with J├╝rgen Pfeffer since 2019 and a Research Associate at the Chair of Public Policy, Governance and Innovative Technology with Urs Gasser. I did a Master of Arts in Linguistics, Literature and Law at the University of Munich (LMU), at the University of Heidelberg, at the University of Rome and in Florence (2004-2009). I was born in Berlin. In my research I study human behaviour in social media with a focus on language. I use computer-assisted techniques and methods from quantitative linguistics and qualitative content analysis, experiments and social network analysis.

Currently, I am looking at

  • how people form moral outrages online,
  • how people hate online,
  • how these processes can be interrupted.